Monday 8 December 2014

A Special....Surprise Guests - Prof.Fareeda.A.Khan & Mrs.Ursula Switzerland

Office Visit

With Palliative Care Team & Hamrahi Delegates

Don't fade in Memories

Prof.Farida.A.Khan, Honorable Member of  National Commission for Minorities

Mrs.Ursula, Switzerland, a fellow traveler of poor & needy

Thank you for visiting us

meet you again
in another winter
in another summer
in another world
and no need to say good bye

Hamrahi 2014

Arrival & Office Visit

Home Visits

Dr.Sophie & Mrs.Sara with Nursing Excellence Award Honoree Mrs.Crescentia

Hamrahi Team with Volunteers

Hamrahi Team with Moulana & Dr.Ali


Token of Love to Hamrahi Team

Sara & Jonathan

Sophie & Josh

Abu & Jumaila

The memento to Assoc.Prof.Odette, Chair for APLI"It represents a wish to come & Visit us"

Mementos to Palliative Care Team Lakshadweep, India

Budding Palliative Care Team

Certificates of Appreciation