Sunday, 10 February 2013

SWOT Analysis
Ø Strengths
a.     Thanal Charitable Organization – moulana
b.     Trained doctor and nurse
c.      Some of the youth
d.     Support of patients and families
e.      Confidence
f.       Experience of social service
Ø Weakness
a.     Financial support
b.     Oral Morphine – not available
c.      No building/ office
d.     Less chances of departmental support
e.      Politicians and administration public – unaware of the situation
f.       Scattered islands – lack of resources in peripheral islands
g.     Lack of skilled persons like MSW, Physiatrist, volunteers etc
Ø Opportunities
a.     More patients
b.     No palliative care at present
c.      National planning – fund from NRHM or MPLADS
d.     Make the people aware
Ø Threats
a.     Cooperation of higher authorities
b.     Transfer of trained personnel
c.      Discouragement – no need of this care

Dr.Muhammed Ali Azher BM

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